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The Property Investment Survival Manual
"Six of The Best" Property Mistakes and Essential Lessons to Learn
Whether you are new to property or have invested for many years, this book will give you countless golden nuggets of advice
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The Property Investment Survival Manual is a direct result of 30 plus years property investment experience, much of it the hard way with no support and learning by trial and error. 

In this book, Paul Smith shows how property investing has made him many millions and the lessons he has drawn from his mistakes. This is an indispensable guide for anyone wanting to build a property portfolio from anywhere in the world, this includes refurbishment, buy to lets, title splitting, commercial property, using joint ventures and much more. 

Read the simple yet clear lessons that Paul shares so to avoid his mistakes and benefit from his experience. 

As Andrew Carnegie famously said over 100 years ago "90% of all millionaires become so through real estate" and the same remains true today. 

The surest way to become a millionaire is investing in property. Take advantage of the depth of knowledge this book offers to start or accelerate your investment journey.

This book retails for around £25, however we will give you a full downloadable version right now for free courtesy of Expat Radio! 

Since releasing this book, Paul has been approached by many people to tell him how this book has influenced both their property journey and their bank account.
About Paul
Paul has been in property for over 30 years and enjoyed a successful Blue Chip career. His previous role was Managing Director of a multi-billion pound company with thousands of staff. Paul has numerous property businesses with well over 100 properties. 

His businesses span across Property Investment, Portfolio Building, Commercial, Residential, HMO’s, BTL’s, Serviced Accommodation and Letting Agencies. 
On top of all this, Paul is a world record holder for Public speaking and an Amazon best selling author.
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